Referee Daniele Doveri consulted VAR during the Serie A game between Cagliari and Bologna in April.

Serie A clubs will be permitted to show replays of video assistant referee (VAR) decisions this season after the Lega Serie A announced an update to its stadium rules and regulations.

The league was among the first to introduce VAR last season and it will take the technology further by allowing fans inside the stadium to see why decisions are confirmed or overturned.

According to updated stadium regulations published by the Lega Serie A on Monday, restrictions over what can and cannot be shown on the giant screen have been loosened.

“In case a game is interrupted by the referee to revise an incident with the assistance of VAR, and after he has clearly signalled this, the word ‘VAR’ is shown on the giant screen and the replay, as is shown by the television production, can be transmitted only after the referee has taken his decision, and only while play is still interrupted,” reads the passage in the new regulations relating to VAR replays.

The mandate clarifies that the replays “can be shown only once and never in slow motion.”

It will be up to each club to decide whether they wish to show the replays in their stadiums.

Any other “controversial actions, such as offside and/or fouls” cannot be shown if VAR is not used by the referee, or if it is used only to confirm a decision without the referee stopping play.

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