The continent’s top players are incredible athletes as well as stupendously skilful footballers. There is quick, and then there is lightning-quick. There is endurance, and then there is stunning stamina.

The fastest individual sprints clocked in UEFA EURO 2016 games (km/h)*
32.8: Kingsley Coman (France v Switzerland, 19/06/2016)
31.6: Richárd Guzmics (Hungary v Austria, 14/06/2016)
31.5: Kolbeinn Sigthórsson (Iceland v Portugal, 14/06/2016)
31.4: Birkir Sævarsson (Iceland v Portugal, 14/06/2016)
31.4: Xherdan Shaqiri (Switzerland v France, 19/06/2016)
31.2: Jonny Evans (Northern Ireland v Poland, 12/06/2016)
31.2: Dragoş Grigore (Romania v Albania,19/06/2016)
31.1: Ragnar Sigurdsson (Iceland v Portugal, 14/06/2016)
31.0: Nani (Portugal v Iceland, 14/06/2016)
30.9: Georgi Schennikov (Russia v Slovakia, 15/06/2016)

*clocked as the fastest two-metre stretch of an individual sprint

For comparison (km/h)
389.0: Fastest recorded diving speed of a peregrine falcon; the fastest member of the animal kingdom
120.7: Fastest recorded sprint speed of a cheetah, the fastest land mammal
41.0: Usain Bolt’s speed when he was clocked for the fastest running-start 100m sprint of all time in Manchester in 2009
34.0: Donald Lippincott’s speed when he set the first IAAF-recognised 100m sprint record (10.6 seconds) in July 1912
0.12: The top speed of a sloth.

Marco Parolo (Italy)©Getty Images

The longest distances run by players in a single UEFA EURO 2016 match (m)
12,570: Marco Parolo (Italy v Belgium, 13/06/2016)
12,563: Vladimír Darida (Czech Republic v Croatia, 17/06/2016)
12,374: Emanuele Giaccherini (Italy v Belgium, 13/06/2016)
12,341: Vladimír Darida (Czech Republic v Spain, 13/06/2016)
12,290: Peter Pekarík (Slovakia v Wales, 11/06/2016)
12,268: Ádám Nagy (Hungary v Austria, 14/06/2016)
12,150: Taras Stepanenko (Ukraine v Germany, 12/06/2016)
12,143: Amir Abrashi (Albania v Switzerland, 11/06/2016)
12,081: Adam Lallana (England v Russia, 11/06/2016)
12,081: Marcelo Brozović (Croatia v Czech Republic, 17/06/2016)

For comparison (m)
Parolo’s mammoth shift for Italy corresponds to spending the entire 90 minutes running at a steady speed of 8.38km/h
22.82: Kenenisa Bekele’s average speed when he set the world 10,000m record in Brussels in 2005
20.09: Pekka Päivärinta’s average speed over 11,980km when he won the first IAAF cross country championship in 1973
18.68: Paula Radcliffe’s average km/h speed when she set the women’s record time for the London Marathon in 2003
10.35: Average speed of a runner completing the 42.16km London Marathon in the median average time of 4hrs 4mins 23secs

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