Neymar and Philippe Coutinho go way back, having both come up through the Brazilian youth ranks together.

As such, the former congratulated the latter on following in his footsteps by joining Barcelona for big money earlier in the week, but couldn’t resist the urge for a cheeky dig at his old friend’s expense.

“Very happy for you, I wish you every success in the world, I’m sure you’ll be very happy,” Neymar chirped on his Instagram story after sharing a photo of Coutinho in his new kit.

However, the message didn’t end there.

“And tell me, is this hair in fashion?”


Ouch. As if Neymar has a leg to stand on when it comes to questionable hairstyles.

This is the same guy who sported a completely un-ironic feathery mullet for about three years straight not so very long ago.

Chris covers the funny side of the game for ESPN FC in the Toe Poke blog.

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